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What Is Good For the Soul Is Good For the Body Too

It has always been said that laughter heals the body, the mind as well as the soul. And as you know these are linked to each other in as much as scientists have no idea how they are linked. This means that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the well-being of the body. It is therefore logical that what is good for one is good for the other.


What is good for your soul is good for your body. Laughter yoga is a considerably young a practice but when you come to think of it, people have been laughing since time immemorial. It is impossible to know exactly why people laugh but it is really easy to see the benefits of laughing. People who laugh frequently are said to be very healthy, and it must be true.


Laughter yoga has been proven to help people across the world to cope with various eventualities in life. The thing about laughter yoga is that it helps to improve the brain functioning by expanding the oxygen supply to the brain cells and simultaneously leads to release of chemicals from the brain to eliminate depression. They philosophy and physiology behind these is pretty complex but when you get to the American School of Laughter Yoga you will discover just how helpful laughing therapy is.


The American School of Laughter Yoga has been in existence since 2004 and it has been instrumental in the introduction of laughter yoga across North America and even Russia. The school was founded by Sebastien Gendry who is a certified laughter yoga teacher. The secret to being successful in life is to find something to laugh about and you can do this at the laughing club.


This does not mean that you should look for jokes or anything, laughter yoga is all about laughing- even for no reason. When you pay a visit you will get to find out more about the American School of Laughter Yoga as well as get to know about laughing health and laughing stress. Since laughter is good for the soul, you will discover just how good it is for your physical health.

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